We at DGGC Private Limited are uniquely poised to leverage the existing in real estate development in the National Capital by construction technology fronts.

House Renovation

We are specialized in collaborations to build your houses. We have experience Architacts, Builder and tallanted workers. We display transparency, honesty and clearity in everything we do.


DGGC Paint & Hardware Store was established in 2013 and is the oldest Gupta hardware and sanitary store store in Burari.Our store offers free parking in our parking lots (one in the front and one in the rear of our building).


DGGC Gupta hardware and sanitary store is a full service hardware store. We carry a full line of residential and commercial paint products for anyone from contractor to do-it-yourself homeowner.

Expert & Professional

The dedication lies in providing extra added services besides our core expertise of real estate consultancy.

High Quality Work

Since our establishment in Registration Number 346 dt 2013 Gupta Properties and Developers is name that has become synonymous with the highest quality,

24/7 Help Support

As an independently owned store we can offer you a level of service you thought no longer existed while supporting your local community.

Welcome to DGGC Private Limited

DGGC Properties And Developers Services Says...

SPECIAL : Buy realty before launch , get discount If the builder floor you are buying has been developed in collaboration with a developer, the transaction involves a tripartite agreement involving you, the land owner and the builder.

Excellent track record of 15Years Continuously improving & polishing ourselves these 15 years. :: Transparency is the key of working In the business of real estate transactions, often the life time savings of a person are involved. Thus the prime concern lies in adopting a transparent & clear approach through with the faith of customers should be won.

"Actions speak louder than the words" this proverb fits right about our way of working. Consistently our fair way of working has been adding satisfied customers & responsibility to keep the customers satisfied has been ever growing.

The belief extends through our portfolio of services and the value added services we provide.The professional aptitude & working of our company is watered by the ethical & moral values which are a way of life at Property Dealers.

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